The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a 68-page book is about a few different things, including cancer and mental health.

The first half concentrates on the death of my sister, Samantha. I know this sounds grim, but I hope it doesn’t read that way. I need to cover that aspect because it’s important in the context of the rest of the story. I should clarify, it’s not all about cancer, and I’d be remiss not to point out that the book is really written with older readers in mind.

To divulge more would, possibly, take away from some of the ‘fun’ of discovering the story. However, I will point out that if you like The Mr. Men, Transformers, squalid student life, regret, Lego and clumsily drawn metaphors, then this could be the comic for you!

The Floor is Lava is a 68-page comic about Cancer, Stammering and Mental Health.

Please contact me if you are interested in this comic